About us

Our approach

Strategic thinking is not simply a boardroom activity.

Effective strategies are those aligned throughout an organisation and beyond. Our job is to make sense of complex information and uncertainty and organise it within a framework – or architecture – that can be easily understood and communicated at all levels.

We have undertaken projects at various scales of complexity. While each assignment is unique, and our approach to it bespoke, projects fall into three main categories:

  • Outline exercise: Sounding board for strategy
    Typical timescale: 1 week
  • Exploratory exercise: Building bridges within and across an organisation
    Typical timescale: 3 months
  • Detailed exercise: Making sense of a complex system
    Typical timescale: 18 months or more

The scenario exercise has already had an effect in as much as it has changed the way I, and no doubt a few others, think about the future.

Philip Davies,
Head of Business Planning and Development, Asset Finance, Lloyds TSB, 2008