The benefits of Scenarios:

  • Innovative thinking
    Scenarios explore intractable or undiscussed uncertainties, encouraging broader thinking and countering groupthink.
  • Shared language
    Scenarios create a shorthand terminology that can be understood intuitively across and beyond an organisation.
  • Increased cooperation
    Scenarios incorporate multiple worldviews across traditional language and cultural barriers, so creating the potential to achieve fair process and deliver fair outcome.
  • Avoidance of costly mistakes
    The collective nature of scenario building is resource intensive, yet considering 'what if?' is much cheaper and simpler than 'if only' regrets.

The scenarios have provided new insights on the whole intellectual property field which have benefited not only the Office, but the world of IP at large. Indeed, there is great interest in the Scenarios from all quarters: from the IP media, academic community as well as the political community. The EPO Scenarios is of enormous political importance and it has, to date, been an unqualified success.

Alison Brimelow,
President, European Patent Office, 2007